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Shopping Solo

Shopping is an entirely separate category when it comes to things to do alone!  What makes it specifically “A Table For One” experience is when you set out to shop, without a list or even specific purchases in mind.

“The less routine, the more life”.  Amos Bronson Alcott

This, for me, is one of the most fun ways to go shopping:  Go for a walk on a Main Street nearby, that’s known for its variety of small shops.  Or you can even go to a mall that has any number of different stores to visit.

Small Shops

Small Shops

Shopping is another great thing that will get you out and about.  You can window shop for inspiration.  Discover things you might want to add to your home decor.  You can wander into a shop you’ve never visited before.  You can see things you weren’t looking for.  You might even discover something you aspire to acquire and can start saving to purchase it!

Shopping stimulates your mind, not just your pocket.  And getting out and away from “screen” shopping is another perfect way to enjoy “A Table for One”!

Copyright 2015 Marion O’Grady