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Current Events

Here in the good old USA, 2016 is a big election year!  A new President will be elected next month.  The choices are a bit daunting and unusual this time around.  Perhaps there is no more important individual activity than voting!

“Healthy citizens are the greatest asset any country can have.”

Winston Churchill

I think a large part of what makes a healthy citizen is balance and a really good sense of humor. While taking a walk the other day, I came upon an inspired window display.

Hillary and The Donald

Presidential Candidates with Humor

It’s almost Halloween and this is such an eye-catching display for both the holiday and the upcoming election.   I had to laugh.  I don’t typically take public political stands, but I do consider my vote to be impactful and every citizen’s to be so as well.

Voting 2016

Solo obligations

I loved these pet toys on display in a New York City pet store window.  They’re fun and I thought they put the dilemma of the 2016 Presidential Election into a different perspective that includes some good humor and relief.

Go and Vote

2016 Your Own Vote Counts!

An important aspect of being on your own is remaining open and aware.  This is a great example of discovering the unusual by remaining aware to what’s around you.  Such fun and so rewarding.  Keep your eyes open and your sense of humor close at hand!  That’s a great “A Table For One” experience.

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