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Welcome To A Table For One

“A Table For One


I’ve become an expert of sorts at this, not by studying it, but by living it.  I’m single and I’ve travelled a lot alone throughout my business career.  Perhaps the most interesting aspect of my life is that I didn’t set out to be single.  I grew up in a big family, have lots of great friends and love being in the company of others.  The way that my life took shape was through a very busy career that kept me fully occupied and without an enormous amount of free time to socialize. And so, I forged ahead on my own and learned a lot along the way.

Here I am now, on the other end of the career spectrum and having made my life somewhat of a success.  And I find myself believing that “A Table For One” will lead me into the next chapter, with the potential to continue growing and learning and perhaps even meeting someone special to share the journey with.

The point is, it doesn’t really matter so much if you’re in a relationship with someone else or not. Being happy with yourself when you’re on your own, regardless of how that happens, is what’s even more important.  I believe it will make you more interesting to be with, because you appreciate yourself fully, for who you are.  You might be married and traveling alone.  You might be an empty-nester.  You might be single and just starting out.  You might even be recently divorced or widowed or a widower.  No matter what, you are sure to encounter times in your life when you’re alone.  Everyone does.

And I’ve got a lot of experiences to share with you, that I hope will inspire and delight you.   At the very least, I hope you will find them entertaining.  I’ve had lots of challenges, times that were very difficult on my own.  But the point is that I learned how to simply embrace the challenges and prevail.  That’s what helped me learn to set “A Table For One” and celebrate. And now, I hope you will too!