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No such thing as Boredom

Growing up, there were some words that were banned in our house. One of them was the word “bored”. It was considered a non-starter. If you felt inclined to use the word, it was pointed out that you had a personal responsibility to find things to trigger your imagination and captivate your attention. In this current environment, I have a deeper appreciation for being encouraged to learn this skill at an early age. It’s not easy. But in this Coronavirus crisis, it’s actually something that can keep us all safe. And yes, it is work! But the trick is to make it fun!

“The Beatles saved the world from boredom”   George Harrison

I think George Harrison had a good observation to make here. Maybe the world was a bit bored before the Beatles arrived on the scene. I don’t know. But the group certainly did wake the world up! And in so many ways. To this day, Beatle songs are covered endlessly. Paul McCartney is still writing and recording and touring. So is Ringo. They were prolific and fascinating. Their releases are still among the most treasured collections of songs. And for good reason.

This brings me to thoughts on things to do while the “stay at home” movement continues. Few things are more soothing than music. I love all genres of music. Literally. I can listen to anything, from pop to classical, jazz to rap, opera to broadway. I wrote an earlier posting about experimenting with music while you’re at home these days. It can transport you, elevate your mood, bring back a flood of wonderful memories. It can transform all kinds of boredom into delight and dispel the blues you may be feeling. George Harrison may be right, but regardless, it was the music that transformed the world, as it has for centuries. Indulge your imagination and unleash the music inside you! That’s A Table for One!

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