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Valentine’s Day Is Here!

I think it’s perfectly fine to indulge yourself with a glass of bubbly, a fabulous homemade dinner and anything else that you enjoy on Valentine’s Day.  Just because you’re on your own doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate!  As a matter of fact, it’s important to pull out the stops!

“All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.”                                  Charles M. Schulz

Valentine sweets

Have some chocolate!

By now, you’ve shopped for cards, sent them to friends, picked up the roses and done some relaxing reading on the subject of love.  The lead-up to the day should be really helpful.  I think fully embracing the moment is key.  Yes, I can also get pretty sentimental on a holiday like this, when I’m on my own.  But that’s why facing it head-on is the best strategy, because either way, the holiday itself is unavoidable!



So, as the sun sets on the holiday, set a beautiful table, enjoy your meal and settle in for a fabulous film, like “Love Actually”, or “Something’s Gotta Give”.  And be sure to raise that glass of bubbly and salute yourself for having had an unexpectedly fabulous holiday.  That’s how to celebrate Valentine’s Day at “A Table For One”.

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Reading and Roses

Second step towards Valentine’s Day on your own.  Explore things you love to do.  Expand the meaning of the day, to include some of the activities you enjoy most.  I love flowers and the way they brighten the environment, even at the many stalls throughout the city.  Particularly in winter, I notice them even more, as they burst out against the grey backdrop of the streets and sky.  Why not treat yourself to a bouquet on Valentine’s Day?  Don’t wait for someone else to give you roses!   Challenge yourself to look at things differently.

“Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns.  I am thankful that thorns have roses.”  Alphonse Karr

Valentine's Day flowers

Roses, roses, roses

While roses give such pleasure, so do books!  Grab your favorite books on the topic of love and tuck into one, in celebration of the holiday. Enjoy a “refresh” on the subject of love. I keep some of my favorite books nearby at all times. A recent addition to my collection is “A Breviary of Psalms, Pictures & Poems”, written by my friend, Father Timothy Brown, S.J. Filled with beautiful reflections, it’s another inspirational and thought provoking book of his that illuminates new ways to understand love and life.  Here’s one of his selected poems:

Valentine's Day read

Reading and roses

The Early Morning 

The moon on the one hand, the dawn on the other:                                                                              The moon is my sister, the dawn is my brother.                                                                                      The moon on my left and the dawn on my right.                                                                                       My brother, good morning: my sister, good night.

Hilare Belloc

 Incorporate the notion that the world around us offers endless beauty everyday and it’s easy to find ways to celebrate love in many forms.  Not just through the people we love, but through the beauty of art, books, music, poetry, prayer, food, even nature itself.   Love encompasses all things.

A simply wonderful way to approach Valentine’s Day as it arrives as “A Table For One.”

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Here Comes Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day approaches, I’m reminded that this can be a difficult holiday, if you’re not able to celebrate it with someone special.  This year, I’ll be on my own, so I thought I’d do something different that I can share with you.  I created a plan to incorporate some pre and post Valentine’s Day activities to try out a new way of celebrating being on my own!

“Rare as is true love, true friendship is rarer.”  Jean de La Fontaine

Celebrate with cards

Valentine’s Day friends

Strange as it may seem, this strategy, to extend the holiday over several days, is turning out to be very uplifting!  On Saturday morning, I set out to buy cards to send to friends.  Thinking about reinforcing my friendships by sending messages opened up my mind to the fact that others may be facing the upcoming holiday as well.  And I saw an opportunity to touch them with a reminder that their friendship inspires me and makes me feel grateful.


Cards, cards, cards!

Emails and text messages, FaceBook and other social media are great ways to communicate with friends.  But sending cards, through what has become known as “snail mail” is more fun on this particular holiday.  I think it creates a different impact on the receiver.

Send a note!

Snail mail!

And it caused me to think about my friends, as I wrote notes to them.   Getting all of the cards out in the mail shifted my attention from how the holiday will affect me, onto how it will affect them.  And it gives me something to look forward to…their surprise when they receive the cards on Tuesday!   That’s a great way to approach Valentine’s Day at “A Table For One!

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