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Go To The Beach!

Why not treat yourself to a day at the beach alone?  Beach days shared with good friends and family are wonderful.  But it’s easy to forget how enjoyable a beach day can be, even when you’re on your own.  Give yourself the chance to connect with your soul and take a rest from the formal activities that fill most of your days.  Go!

“I have the world’s largest collection of seashells.  I keep it on all the beaches of the world…perhaps you’ve seen it.”  Steven Wright

Going solo to the beach is a miraculous experience.  A day well spent on the beach, can be filled with wonder, relaxation and discovery.  It’s like a week of vacation when you’re out there on your own!  Unplug.  Leave your devices at home.


Toes in the sand!

The first step is to go early, before the hot afternoon sun bakes down, creating a fiery, scorching bed of sand against your bare feet.  Drop the sandals, opt for a really great foot scrub of sand and shells and just feel the sand in your toes.  Feet feel happy, when freed up and let loose.  And one of the only places left where bare feet can still happen safely, is on a beach!

Choose your spot!

Choose your sweet spot!

Next, carve out a spot that’s yours.  Claim your space and set yourself up with a beach chair and umbrella, big towels, a floppy hat,  great book, a sandwich, fruit and a large bottle of ice cold water to last the day.  Plan to spend your time slipping the day well into a late afternoon of total rest and relaxation.  Listen closely to the sound of waves crashing on the shore.  Bring along a notebook and pen, to write your thoughts.  No devices here.

Take a swim as frequently as possible.  Enjoy drying off by taking a nice walk along the shore.  Pick up a few shells and colorful rocks to display on a shelf when you get home.  It will help to remind you how delicious a day at the beach alone can be.  Next time you find yourself with a free day in spring, summer or fall, consider gifting yourself with the super indulgence of a beautiful day at the beach!  That’s A Table For One!

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