Winter Blues

Of course, winter weather varies, depending on where you live.  But I have found that, generally speaking, this particular season tends to feel longer than any other!  Perhaps it’s that the daylight hours are shortened and so the feeling of darkness prevails.  Or maybe that we spend more time indoors?

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.”  Paul Theroux

Daffodils and snow

Daffodils and snow

I love this quote from Paul Theroux.  For me, it expresses a beautiful reason to dig deeper and explore more positive rationales to enjoy what can otherwise seem to be a dreary and endless march of cold days and longer months.  I find it so inspiring to think of winter as a season of recovery.  Hibernating can be so restorative.  It requires some planning, however.

Even if I’m not entertaining, in the winter, I’ll take time to shop for a special dinner of fresh fish and vegetables to cook up for myself.  It’s soothing to prepare a cup of tea and put on some music you haven’t listened to in a while.  Or to treat yourself to a special dessert.

The notion that winter is also a time to prepare is a great idea too!  Looking ahead to spring, when it comes, can include some wonderful ideas for re-organizing at home.  Changing up your decor, introducing a new painting or object d’art to refresh your space.

Winter is definitely a long season.  Finding ways to enjoy it is so important.  Celebrate by finding new things to do and enjoy “A Table for One”.

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