Everyone experiences being alone at sometime in their lives.  Being happy with yourself when you’re on your own, regardless of how that happens is so important.  Learning to truly enjoy being on your own is a gift you can give yourself.  You think differently, you listen with a new ear and you see things that you may not otherwise have noticed.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”                                                George Bernard Shaw

To fully enjoy yourself and the world around you is definitely an art!  And it’s an art that can be mastered by anyone.  Travel, dining, shopping…anything you do when you’re alone can be fun.

I’ve become an expert of sorts at this, not by studying it, but by living it.  “A Table For One” is about how I strive to make being on my own an art.   It’s about how to celebrate and embrace these otherwise awkward, sometimes dreaded moments in life, when you find yourself alone and may be unsure of what to do.

By sharing my own adventures with you, I hope to inspire you to create your own special and unique “A Table For One” moments.  And I invite you to share your ideas and feedback too.  This is a frontier that everyone finds themselves on, at some point in their lives.  Let’s go!  Make the art of being alone your own unique and wonderful masterpiece…

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  1. Gerri Alfino

    Can’t wait for more! Filling a tremendous void in the “blogosphere”, and your audience will love you for it (I know I do … )!


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