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The Mark Hotel

The Mark Hotel, is a real gem, tucked away on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  Great neighborhood and great location, on East 77th St. between Madison Ave. and Fifth Ave. just steps away from Central Park.

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.”  Lao Tzu

Not only do I love traveling, I love to explore my own neighborhood and really take in the surrounding sights as though for the first time!  In this case, The Mark Hotel is a wonderful stop on the way to Central Park.  It’s got a lot to offer both guests and neighbors alike!

The Mark Hotel

The Mark Hotel

Recently renovated, The Mark Hotel has a more than a new face.  It features perhaps the most exclusive hot dog stand in NYC, if not the world!   The Mark “Haute” Dog Stand is by Jean-Georges.

Haute Dog Stand

The Mark Haute Dog Stand by Jean-Georges

It features high-end gourmet organic chicken and grass fed beef hot dogs served with a special kimchi relish as well as other more familiar condiments.  At $6 each, it’s a bit pricey for a hot dog, but well worth it as a unique eat!  Highly recommended.

Kimchi and condiments

The Mark Hot Dog by Jean-Georges with kimchi relish!

And, after a “haute” dog by Jean-Georges, you’re ready for a ride down Fifth Ave. for a shopping trip to Bergdorf Goodman.  The Mark keeps a branded Bergdorf Goodman bike on the ready.

Bergdorf Goodman

The Mark Hotel’s Bergdorf Goodman custom cycle

Very creative partnerships that enhance what is already a wonderful hotel on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.  A great way to enjoy a day exploring on your own.

Custom Cycling

The Mark’s Bergdorf Goodman Express!

check it out at  Now that’s a seriously wonderful experience for “A Table For One!”

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Memorial Day

Remembering the fallen and also those who fought and continue to fight in defense of freedom.  I think that Memorial Day is a unique holiday of patriotic celebration.  It’s even more poignant than the Fourth of July which is so exciting and celebratory.

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”       Edith Wharton

I like to think of those who put their lives in harm’s way for our freedom as having had a calling and extraordinary vision.  Our present was their future and so I think it’s very important to understand the depth and meaning of their sacrifice.  Sometimes, this calls on some quiet time “alone” to meditate and connect to their heroic acts of bravery.


Memorial Day

This year, I was on my own for Memorial Day weekend.  And so, I went in search of the largest American flag I could find, to photograph it and express gratitude to those who made the supreme sacrifice.  It felt right.

Memorial Day sunset

Memorial Day sunset

And a moody sunset goes a long way to a heartfelt salute of the day’s end.  If you find yourself alone on any holiday, be sure to find a way to celebrate it and honor it in your own way.  It makes for a really memorable moment to treasure!  And that’s “A Table For One”.

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Make the Familiar New!

I have come to believe that there’s always something fun going on somewhere nearby.  Something you may not necessarily think of doing, if you’re on your own.  This very unique antique car show on Nantucket happens every spring.

“Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn’t know you left open.”                                John Barrymore

It’s a great celebration and lots of friends, families and tourists come out to celebrate it.  This year, I found myself on island alone.  Friends weren’t able to join me.  And so I debated on whether I would go.  There are always so many things to get done on the “to-do” list.

Daffodil weekend

I love a parade!

If you’re like me, you’ll sometimes use the fact that you’re alone, to pass on an opportunity to enjoy an event anyway.   This time, something drew me to put down my work and go explore the show on Main Street.  Take a break and explore.  And so off I went.

Antique cars

Surprise yourself!

I’ve always enjoyed this particular spring ritual.  But I’m usually with friends.  It still surprises me when I discover that I can experience just as much pleasure on my own at an event I’m accustomed to attending with friends.  This is why I recommend pushing yourself a bit, to get out and try it.  …although in a very different way.


Happy cars!

When you’re on your own, you may miss having someone to share your observations at first.  But, on the other hand, I think you’re also likely to see things differently.   And enjoy them in an entirely unique way.  The familiar suddenly is new!  Being free to linger where I want, respond to my own timeline, drink in the surroundings and thoroughly enjoy myself without worrying about others is fun.  Try it.  Seek out events in your own backyard and venture out and about on your own.  You may just discover it’s uplifting and will make you feel happy!  And that’s what “A Table For One” is all about.

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