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Mastering the Art of Being Alone!

Love to create the art of “Being” on my own!

My name is Marion O’Grady.  I’m also known among friends by my family nickname “Dee”.

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are”  Joseph Campbell

I recently completed a 25 year “business side” career at The New York Times. It was exciting, challenging, demanding and rewarding. It was a wonderful career supporting the best news gathering organization in the world.  I frequently traveled alone on business and this, along with my frequent personal adventures on my own, sparked my desire to write about how to create “A Table For One.”

I grew up in Rye, New York on North Manursing Island.  I currently live on 2 very diverse islands…the hustling-bustling island of Manhattan (New York, New York) and the ever-so-tranquil island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.  These islands, along with my extensive travels, have provided endless inspirations and experiences I define as “A Table For One”.

While “no man is an island”, I have always been drawn to the complex nature and wonders that islands offer.  Living near water, boats, aquatic treasures, beaches, sea air and seawalls…the constantly changing landscape inspired me from an early age.  It was easy to become caught up with the thrill of adventure, exploration and discovery.  Everything around me was an inspiration to imagine and create.

Enriched by the the beauty of my surroundings, I had great opportunities to learn how to master the art of “being” on my own.  No matter where I’ve traveled, this has remained true.

Now, for the next chapter of my life and career, I decided that in addition to my new work, I’d love to write a blog about the many things I’ve learned, continue to explore and have come to know best. The topic was an easy one to choose.

Having frequently traveled on business alone throughout my career and being single too, I’ve acquired a wealth of experiences on my own.  I find myself creating celebratory moments that I call “A Table For One”.   These moments are about mastering the art of being alone and happy.  Everyone finds themselves alone at some point.  But not everyone takes the time to celebrate and enjoy it.  Some don’t know how to.  It doesn’t always feel comfortable.  But it can be a very special opportunity to learn more about yourself, to explore, develop and grow.

“A Table For One”  is about ideas on how to accomplish a sense of well being, happiness and a healthy dose of self appreciation  when you find yourself alone.  I hope that sharing my stories and suggestions will interest, entertain and maybe even inspire you.  No matter what you’re doing, if you’re doing it alone, you can learn to create and celebrate these unique moments through the art of setting “A Table For One”.

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